EverydayShare Counselling Service


EverydayShare Counselling Service is a form of talking therapy. 

I am here to listen and help you explore your feelings and emotions which are related to your experiences.

I will help you reflect on the things that you are encoutering and consider alternative ways of doing things.

I am an attentative listener, giving you time, empathy and respect so you can express your feelings and probe you to understand yourself from a different perspective.

The service is aimed at helping you gain clarity and enable you to cope with challenges and make positive change in your life where it is required.

I do not offer advice but will probe you to explore your feelings and assist you to make your own choices.

I work with diverse client groups, including children, adults, families, couples and groups.

My service is 100% confidential.


Work carried out includes:

  • establishing a relationship of trust and respect with my client/s;
  • agreeing a counselling contract to determine what will be covered in sessions (including confidentiality issues);
  • encouraging clients to talk about issues they feel they cannot normally share with others;
  • actively listening to client concerns and empathising with their position;
  • accepting without bias the issues raised by clients;
  • helping clients towards a deeper understanding of their concerns;
  • challenging any inconsistencies in what clients say or do;
  • helping clients to make decisions and choices regarding possible ways forward;
  • referring clients to other sources of help, as appropriate;
  • working to agreed targets in relation to the client contact.

I deal with a variety of problems which cause anxiety and depression arising from difficult life issues.

Some examples of life issues that people struggle to deal with could include:

  • bereavement;
  • relationship issues;
  • domestic violence;
  • sexual abuse;
  • alcohol and drug abuse;
  • traumas;
  • bullying.

If you are feeling frustrated, disatisfied, demotivated consider that there may be a cause.  If you are struggling with an issue then seek out a source of support.

I work with my clients collaboratively in a holistic and insightful way to enable you to consider change.

EverydayShare can help you.

This practice is for individuals who WANT to change and develop.

This service is aimed at improving personal performace and supports rooting out and overcoming problems.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you require support or help.

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