Mediation Service



Mediation and Dispute Service


EverydayShare offers a mediation service to effectively resolve disputes without having the need to go to court.


The disputes may be in the areas of :


   Marital divorce
   Partner separation
   Consumer dispute
   Contract dispute
   Housing dispute
   Neighbourhood dispute


As a mediator I help both sides come to an agreement.   The mediator remains neutral and will not side with either party.


I will help both parties find solutions to their problems and ensure that both parties are happy with the outcome and ready to accept the proposals.


The process is voluntary and both parties will be willing to take part.  The process is fully confidential and no part of the discussions will be disclosed to any party outside the mediation hearing.


If both parties are unable to reach an agreement you can still go to court.  The mediation details will not be disclosed and used in the court hearing.


Both parties should share the cost of mediation.  Costs are paid upfront and are dependant on the cost and complexity of the mediation requirements.


The benefits of mediation:


The mediation process is alot less stressful than going to court.


The process is alot cheaper and alot quicker than going to court.


The process supports the consideration of important matters objectively and take forward areas of joint responsibility i.e. children and welfare.


You will finalise the mediation with an agreement and will outline the practical details both parties will agree to.


You may find that the use of a mediator will prevent issues from developing and establishing arrangements for the future which will benefit all parties.


 The mediation process is something you willingly seek out and choose to co-operate with. 


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