Professional Coaching and Mentoring Service


Coach and Mentor Service for Professionals and Executives

The service may focus on corporate leadership coaching, leadership personal development, executive coaching, management coaching, small business coaching, personal development coaching.

Mentoring service may include personal mentoring, progress mentoring, development mentoring, skills mentoring, professional mentoring, executive mentoring, leadership mentoring, success planning and lifestyle mentoring.

The coaching and mentoring should focus around an area in your life or business which you would like to change, challenges you may need to overcome, or goals you are striving to succeed in.  The sessions are focused on your desired results and end goals which you have set for yourself. 

Personal one to one sessions are customised to meet the needs of my clients.  I work face-to-face with my clients using voice and video calls via Skype.  You need internet video call and email facilities.  Personal face-to-face meetings can be arranged where clients are within reasonable travelling distance.  Please note there is an additional charge for this service.  Overseas clients are welcome. 


The first consultation is free of charge.   

Full Sessions

Your requirements are discussed during consultation and the client maintains the right the continue or terminate the sessions according to their requirements.  You may not achieve maximum benefit if your sessions are terminated early.


Some examples of professional coaching and mentor categories:

Leadership Coaching

1. Leadership style: drive, motivation & communication

2.  Managing problems, including decision making

3. Goal-setting

4. Managing money

5. Managing change


Systems Coaching

This product really works and discusses areas around the business and its systems.  The package focuses on how to improve business performance.

The combination of psychology in business and operating supply chains encompasses the bigger picture and will encourage the client to address a variety of topics.

Where you are seeking the development of the organisation this package will support your needs to discuss and drill down to areas which can be reviewed and improved.


If you have been directed to EverydayShare via an industry specific directory:

The above packages are examples of some of the variations offered by EverydayShare.

Packages are adapted during each consultation and set according to the needs of each client.

Please be aware that prices will vary accordingly, and differ from the main core services available.


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