Most marketers today understand the importance of continually creating fresh, relevant content as a critical element of any effective marketing and communications strategy.  However, many underestimate the positive impact of submitting and posting original articles and blogs beyond their own website.  Submitting content to a reputable, 3rd party website with an older domain like ours is a proven, highly effective method of increasing readership and market exposure.  And it gets even better!  This practice also helps to build external links which directly contributes to your overall SEO efforts.  The cost is nominal and the majority realize a quick, positive ROI.


EVERY DAY SHARE is not new, but we are refocusing our site to feature the best of the best in business, technical and marketing articles and blogs from contributors across the world.  We are seeking thought leaders representing all industries, with different ideas and perspectives, that will challenge and educate the reader with new ways of doing things, tried and true Best Practices, cutting-edge technology, trends and much more!  Does this sound like you?  Start posting with us today!   Ask us about short-term specials.  Your first post or posts could be FREE!


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