Do not forget the wok! It’s a good weekday to have. Here is a classic from our repertoire.

This wok recipe appeared on a free postcard I found at one of Oslo’s many cafes in the mid-’90s. Since it was still common to send postcards.

It’s probably one of the everyday dishes I’ve used most often, and it’s still a favorite. I think it is the sweet soy sauce with the chicken broth that everything boils in at the end, which makes it so good. Also, it is so healthy! If you want, you can use whole grain noodles to make it even healthier. And if you do not have a wok pan, you can take it several times in the frying pan. 

The trick of working is the preparation. This is where the key to success lies. Keep in mind that working goes fast, so do everything done before you begin.

The favorite chicken wok dish and other wok dishes – and also other everyday dishes – can also be found on my food app. 

Enough for 4.

From the kitchen counter to dinner table, 25 minutes.

You need

2 thick organic chicken fillets 300 grams or 4 regular – total about 600 grams
1 clove of garlic 
1/2 – 1 red chili 
2 teaspoons fresh ginger 
1 broccoli 
2-3 stems chopped celery if desired sugar peas
1 carrot 
2-3 stems spring onion 
2 dl chicken broth 1/2 dice + water
1 tablespoon sweet soy sauce 
1 pkg noodles 250 grams 
sweet chili sauce for serving

This is what you do

Cut chili, garlic, and ginger and have a small bowl. (Clean the chili for the seeds inside first)

Cut the rest of the vegetables into a large bowl. Inedible bites.

And bouquets. 

Cut or cut the chicken into pieces as well. Put water on the noodles.

Make ready the broth, finish the noodles after instructions on the package and show off all the flavors to be used BEFORE you start waking.

When the worker, you must touch more or less constantly, and everything will happen at high heat.

Now you can start. The wake should be on medium-high heat. But you may like to have garlic, chili, and ginger in cold oil in the cold wok and then put on the heat. Then the garlic does not swell so fast. Sweetened garlic tastes not well.

When it starts to free a little, you can have in the meat. Wok until it is almost translucent, salt and pepper.

Take it out and have in the vegetables. Wok these for a few minutes. Put the chicken back together with the vegetables and have broth and sweet soy sauce over. Stir-boil-fry for a few minutes.

Mix the noodles in, or serve separately. Sweet chili sauce is very good for this. Good dinner

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