How to Build a Skin Care Routine – STEP BY STEP

Today I thought I should share a slightly different mail with you! I’ve been blogging for a few years now, but I do not really think I’ve shared with my skincare routine before? Below, therefore, comes a step by step description of the products I use daily to keep my skin spotless, as well as a little about one of my favorite masks from Decrusto which I use once a week. (Or when I had to feel to care for the skin a little extra). In addition to eating relatively healthy and drinking well with water in my daily life, I am totally dependent on good skin care products to avoid impurities in, particularly stressful periods. I make up my mind every single day, and if I do not use a makeup remover that cleans my face properly every night, I can almost swear that I wake up with a red dot on my face. It is certainly not the end of the world, and I rarely get many at a time, but the pisses I get tend to be so big and bad! -To not talk about unlucky places .. Therefore I would like to do what I can to prevent, keep my face clean, moist and soft at all times 

The nice thing about Decrusto is not only that the products are good and gentle for the skin, but they are not that expensive either! All 4 products with cleaning foam, face mask, serum and moisturizer in quite big bottles are bought for just over 1000 kroner and I do not think it is wrong for a series that actually works. Some other skin care brands are so expensive that one can not afford to buy more than one product in the half year .. 1. 

The first step in my little routine is to clean the skin daily with Decrusto’s Clear Spot cleaning foam. A superfluous and soft foam as I need 3-4 pump off to get rid of all my makeup in the evening. The foam I massage easily into my skin and wash off with lukewarm water afterward. Not only does it work as a remover, but also as a proper GOD cleanse and toner for the skin. Koster 199kr, and is worth every one of them. 2.

 After cleansing, I choose once a week to care a little extra with one of Decrusto’s many good face masks! During this time I thought to show off the white Beauty Ghost “peel off” their mask. It simply works both tightening and moisturizing on the skin, and does it completely … yes, baby sickness. The mask just smells like a regular cream and lets dry for 25-30 minutes while enjoying some relaxing in the world! – Like a hot cup of cocoa and some sofakos – 3. 

When the mask has dried and begins to feel stiff on the skin, grab one end of it and pull it off in a whole mask. If there should be a small spot or two, you can only wash these with a cloth. The feeling I’m left with after such a mask treatment … Oh. It’s so bad that I really would like to buy with 6-7 tubes to run the skin off the skin on the rest of the body as well. The skin becomes so intriguing MYK. 4. 

Ultimately, regardless of whether I have used the mask or not, I always brush my skin with Decrusto’s blue serum, and then a slightly thicker moisturizer. The former pulls in relatively quickly and makes me feel my makeup is even better afterward, and the cream itself ensures that the moisture lasts out now in these cold autumn times. I do not know with you, but at least I need some extra moisture now that the air has become so dry and cold. Just so you know! It was my regular skin care routine consisting of four top products  The face mask is now 50% and costs only 124 kroner! You’ll find it and the rest of my Decrust products HERE

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