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Multi-Channel Marketing Omnichannel marketing is a concept that has been featured in the fourth marketing era and is designed to design and measure measurable advertising campaigns that seek to further influence the audience by combining traditional and digital marketing methods. In fact, according to a multi-channel marketing perspective, an advertising medium may not alone have a measurable direct impact on your sales but informing that advertising medium will increase your sales in other ways.

If we consider the story of a customer’s purchase, in most businesses it does not happen that the customer buys through an instant and immediate acquaintance. In many cases, business owners advertise through a particular medium and expect immediate conclusions, and this does not happen. For example, a few years ago, a person promoted his business through SMS and was surprised that he was not custom-made. There is such a view for many people and they are convinced that if they are advertising and advertising through a marketing channel, they will suffice and take the necessary results.

A customer purchase story is a process that starts from the need stage, then leads to awareness and decision making for purchase. Along with the way a customer wants to buy a particular item, he or she seeks to obtain information and information about his or her desired product and rarely happens when the customer purchases a product only by viewing an advertisement. For example, a person feels that he needs to be overweight, then he is looking for different weight loss methods and examines different choices such as exercise, diet, weight loss, weight loss, and finally, He decides to buy a treadmill and comes to a decision-making stage. At this point, Google may look for the treadmill and compare different models of it, consult your friends about treadmill purchases, and ultimately In person, go to the shop to shop.

Mayses in the United States found that for every $ 1 that it pays for its SEO site, the company’s physical stores will increase by six dollars. In fact, the company’s executives realized that customers would get to know the company through Google and then go shopping and shop in person. As soon as they got such statistics, they increased their advertising budgets for SEO.

Suppose a treadmill buyer first researches through Google through a company that is familiar with a company that is a product vendor and provides some good information about it, then sees it on the way back to home on the billboard. The next day, on the radio, he listens to the benefits of exercising, and finally, at the end of the week after consulting with a friend, he decides to go to the store of your choice and buy the product. In fact, in this example, each of the different marketing channels has helped each other to eventually sell sales.

Customers rarely want to buy from a place they do not know, and in this case, they are less confident about purchasing, so focusing on a particular channel, such as marketing, for example advertising on social networks, although it may affect sales, but It alone is not enough and will not give you the maximum sale, unless in certain circumstances your target audience is exactly available through the same channel and is in the decision making stage for purchase.

One of the successful practices implemented in this area is Pixel Marketing, in this way of marketing, Internet sites, through the storage of cookies in the Internet browser, monitor users and find out what kind of articles are being studied. Then, when the user visits Facebook, Gmail, and other reputable sites, the advertiser is the same company that was once a member of the company studying and viewing articles on this site; this type of advertising has two kinds of effects:

Users may have the impression that the company is a well-known brand that has been able to advertise on major sites in the world, and this makes it more credible for the user.
Multi-channel marketing occurs smartly and purposefully for users, and when users are purchasing at different stages (need, awareness, research, decision making), using pixel marketing, they will be monitored at different stages, and they will be encouraged to buy a product. They had seen it before.
Pixel marketing has a huge impact on product sales and has a significant return on investment. Even in simple promotional ways, repeating ads can have a good effect on sales, in addition to the fact that your use of different channels of advertising has a good effect, but the repetition of information through a channel also increases the effectiveness.

An inappropriate example of advertising that went unnoticed by multichannel marketing, leading to failure, was announced by Hyundai in the 2014 World Cup, Hyundai decided to launch a new service on its website to enable its customers to drive the car. Personalize yourself and order your desired settings. At the same time, he made a slogan ” Build your own car ” and began to make massive promotions in front of the soccer field and advertising before the start of World Cup games. What happened was that the World Cup players after the end of the game at Google looked for the above phrase and saw the site of other car makers, in fact, because the intellectual company did not have the SEO status of its site, this advertising campaign up to It was largely defeated and more favored by its rivals.

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